The Benefits.

What are the environmental benefits of Ekko Glass closed-loop glass recycling?

Apart from the economic benefits, recycling glass will also help to minimise your business' negative environmental impact. It is important to consider the way in which your glass is being recycled. If your glass is being recycled into more glass bottles & jars (i.e. closed-loop recycling) then for every tonne you recycle you are saving 314kg of CO2 from going into the atmosphere. However, if your glass is going into aggregate markets then the Co2 saving is negligible. It is therefore important to ask your waste contractor what happens to your glass when it is collected.

Ekko Glass Crusher Benefits

  • You don’t need to separate your glass bottles by colour
  • You don’t need to remove fruit, straws, labels or caps from bottles
  • Ekko glass crushers reduces required glass waste storage by up to 80%
  • Crushed glass is quiet to uplift – no more angry neighbours or guests!
  • Crushing glass removes dangerous bottles from the streets making nights out safer
  • Crushed glass means less refuse uplifts, less refuse vehicles, less congestion, less fuel wasted, less pollution.
  • Ekko glass crushers can be used to facilitate reverse haulage for glass waste.
  • Helps outlets meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and qualifies towards environmental awards.

Ekko Glass closed loop recycling saves raw materials

To create one tonne of new glass required 1.2 tonnes of raw material to be quarried. The quarrying of these materials reduces the worlds natural resources unnecessarily and creates unnecessary pollution caused by the quarying equipment and the logistics required to transport the raw materials to the glass manufacturers. Glass is infinitley recyclable and does not biodegrade when landfilled. It is a useful resource that we should recycle and use again and again.

Did you know?

Making glass bottles and jars from recycled Ekko "Super cullet" not only reduces logistics related pollution by 80% but reduces the temperature required during the glass making process. This in turn produces energy savings, for each bottle recycled you could,

  • Power a Tesal S electric car for 0.38 miles
  • Charge an Ipad for 9 hours
  • Power an LED television screen for 4 hours
  • Power a low energy light bulb for 15 hours.

Progress so far

The great thing about glass and the Ekko Glass recycling system is that glass can be recycled indefinitely without ever losing its clarity or purity. Thanks to companies like Ekko Waste Solutions, glass manufactured in the UK contain recycled content already. On average :

  • Clear bottles are made of 29% recycled glass
  • Brown bottles are made of 25% recycled glass
  • Green bottles are made of 71% recycled glass