The Ekko Process.

Ekko Waste Solutions have developed a closed loop circular economy for recycling glass using glass crushing machines. This means that every bottle crushed and collected will be successfully recycled back into a high value glass product for reuse and at the end of its useful life it can be recycled again creating a circular economy. In an ideal world this takes place in the same region or country reducing unnecessary logistical movements and pollution.

In addition to this we have achieved this for both tradtional and crushed glass collections thanks to our unique glass crushing machine and our custom built collection vehicles. Such is the success of our system that Ekko is one of the fastest growing specialised glass collection companies in the UK. You can visit our "Who we work with page" to see the extent of our success with local, regional and national companies that purchase our equipment or employ our services. Indeed many other waste management companies now use Ekko Waste Solutions as ther glass division, subcontracting all their glass collection work to us.

In new and developing markets we have the experience and expertise to meet with government bodies and waste management companies, assess market conditions and advise on required infrastructure, types of vehicles, equipment, systems and best end use of the glass. We can even build a glass processing plant!

We are now excited to show how our collection systems are well suited to Scotland's Deposit Return Scheme which is scheduled to be introduced in August 2023. Our systems can deal with crushed glass, unbroken glass and glass from RVM's (Reverse Vend Machines)