Do you need to reduce storage space by up to 80% but still present glass that can be recycled? The Ekko Glass Crushing Machine is the only portable glass crusher in the world that is certified to produce recycling friendly glass "Super cullet"

Glass Crushing Machine being loaded with a whisky bottle

Made in the UK, the Ekko Glass Crusher is certified by Viridor, Recresco & Berrymans to produce glass cullet over 10mm making it suitable for optical sorting and closed loop glass recycling. It is also fully CE certified and is used by the biggest names in the hospitality sector. Winner of the Rushlights Award, National Recycling Awards, Business Insider Awards.

The multi award winning Ekko Glass Crushing machine is available to purchase direct from Ekko Waste Solutions. Available from just £5295.00+vat (plus packaging and delivery) Call 0333 456 7800 during office hours or fill in the enquiry form below and we will be in touch! Let us take the hassle and expense out of your glass waste!