Ekko install Glass Crushing Machine for Buzzworks Group


Ekko Glass Crushing machine in a Buzzworks restaurant

Buzzworks lead the way with glass recycling

The Cornerhouse, in Kilwinning, joins Buzzworks existing portfolio of top bars and restaurants including Treehouse in Ayr, Longhouse in Kilmarnock, Millhouse in Stewarton, Elliots in Prestwick, Lido in Prestwick, Lido in Troon, Scotts in Troon and Scotts in Largs. Famed for their high end venues with high quality food and drink offerings, Buzzworks also lead the way in how they deal with their waste glass. An early adopter of Ekko Glass bottle crushing equipment which reduces glass waste by 80%, Buzzworks now design their outlets to include Ekko glass crushers reducing waste storage space and creating more front end room for tables and chairs. Since adopting the Ekko Glass Crusher system Buzzworks have recycled close to 1,000,000kg of wine, spirit and beer bottles saving 314,000kg of CO2 and 1,200,000 of raw materials.